Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Prop 8

It started with the opinion of some people. For some people gay marriage is against their religious believes and of course everyone has their own opinion. That is the reason why people voted for Proposition 8 last November. The Supreme Court of California decided and from the legal perspective I completely agree with what Jeffrey Toobin says in the upcoming video:

But the legal perspective is not what counts when it comes to people and their love for each other. So what do others think about the decision? I picked Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I think it is true. It is not over and just a matter of time. According to a survey by the New York Times (Information is taken from the article: Keine Homoehe in Kalifornien), 57 percent of the respondents are for the recognition of homosexual marriage. In the over 40-year-olds, there were only 31 percent. And I also want to keep in mind that despite the defeat, the gay marriage today has a stronger stand in the United States than it did a year ago. Looking back it was only Massachusetts who recognized the marriage for lesbians and gay men. Since then, Connecticut, Iowa, Maine and Vermont gave legal ground as well. But of course, it is not enough! So that I want to finish with these wonderful words of the 17 year-old James Neiley last March, which are still so current:


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